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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Information Packet for Iowans with Disabilities

Monday, March 16, 2020



Download an information packet below developed by and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What's inside:
• What is COVID-19?
• How do you get it?
• What happens if you have it?
• If I am sick, when should I call a doctor?
• How sick do you get?
• How can I stay healthy, or not get it?
• If I am sick, what should I do?
• If my staff person is sick, what should I do?
• What do I do if someone I live with gets sick?
• How do I say "Hello" to my friends?
• Where can I go these days?
• Why is it important to do all of this?
• Is there a shot I can get so I do not get sick?
• Is there a medicine?
• What do I say to my friends if they get scared, or very nervous?
• I have a job and I am worried about missing work.
• Make a plan in case you have to stay at home.