Recruiting New Council Members!

The Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council needs you! Are you 18 years or older and have a developmental disability?  Or are you a family member of a person with a developmental disability?  And….

  • Are you are interested in making communities more inclusive and supportive for people with developmental disabilities and their families?
  • Are you interested in making systemic changes to Iowa’s service delivery systems and affecting housing, employment, education, health care, child care, support services, transportation, and other issues?
  • Do you value self-determination and self-advocacy?

Then you may want to apply for the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council.

How do I apply?

You may contact our office at 800-452-1936 for an application or you can apply online at Iowa Talent Bank. All Council members are appointed by the Governor. Appointments are made in June each year. Occasionally an opening comes up during the year that you may be eligible for.

What is involved with membership?

The Council meets up to six times a year.  Meetings are held generally on the second Thursday every other month at the DD Council Office in Des Moines.  The meetings start at 10:30 and last until 2:30.  You may be asked to participate on ad-hoc committees which would require additional time. You may also be asked to volunteer at Council sponsored activities. Council members are also encouraged to represent the Council and discuss the Council’s mission, vision and projects within their own community network. The Council reimburses for transportation and other related expenses related to your work on the Council.




Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council

700 2nd Avenue, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309

Phone: 800.452.1936  or 515.288.0463

 FAX: 515.288.0462

For information on all Governor-appointed Boards and Commissions, please visit:        Boards and Commissions